Building Your Home Office

With more and more people working from home, it’s hardly surprising that the home office has emerged as a huge deal in many modern properties. Many of us have been forced to work from home over the last six months, and have juggled work, parenting and schooling. Your make-shift office may have been acceptable given that some of us have had to keep an extra eye on our family at the same time, but now is the time to consider whether you need a more permanent set up, particularly if you share a household with another home-based partner, and you each need separate working spaces.

Many businesses will have decided that home working will be the new flexible way of working for the future, rather than fixed hours in a shared office with long daily commutes.
So if you find yourself in that situation where you now need a more permanent solution at home, what are your options?

We know from experience that working from your kitchen table or dining table just doesn’t work long-term. There are too many distractions; having no-where dedicated for your PC, work phone, filing etc.means that your workplace is really secondary to everything else going on around you. It’s one constant moving process, shoving things out of the way, clearing corners to fit your computer in, and having the right chair? Well, that’s a luxury isn’t it?

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  1. Building your home office

So, with your sights on potentially suitable space, here are our seven top tips to consider when building your home office.Β 

1. Space is a key factor when implementing a home office design, and we are experts at working with any space provided that keeps your home office organised, maintaining as much floor space as possible.

2. Natural light – we’ll advise you on the best location to make the best use of natural light. If you are thinking about a purpose-built room or conversion, we’ll discuss all window options with you, including Veluxes in loft conversions, and sun tunnels which transformΒ a dark or windowless room into an area full of natural light and energy.

  1. 3. Heating and Power supply – Your office needs to be functional all year round, so heating is essential. Likewise, during our warmer months, you need a way of cooling your office. Ideally, being able to open a window to let fresh air in is an important consideration in your home office design.

4. Internet/WiFi connection – Having a good connection is critical for running your business smoothly. If you have a weak signal, then consider repositioning your router or buying a WiFi Extender to boost the signal to dead zones around your home.

  1. 5. Plugs / Sockets/ USB Chargers – Never underestimate how many sockets and chargers you need. We will sort all your electrics and install new sockets. For ease of use, we love these desk sockets with USB chargers:
  2. Β 
  3. 6. Plumbing – Whether you need to have a bathroom, shower, sink next to your office, we will discuss the design with you and look after the whole build and installation process, including installing radiators and heaters.

7. Noise – If you are operating a business that creates noise or generates byproducts, consider converting part of your garage or installing a garden office for your workspace. On the flip side, if your work requires peace and quiet with no distractions, again a room away from your main living space is generally the most suitable position. We will survey your garage and garden and be able to provide you with the best advice and a free quote to convert either your whole garage, part of your garage, or build an office room separate from your property. For gardens within conservation areas, no garden office can be erected with a volume exceeding 10m3 without specific planning permission.

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Premier Building Solutions will work with you to create your ideal working space – whether this means some small internal adjustments such as moving walls and doors, full conversions such as your loft or garage conversion, extensions, or planning a garden office, we are able to help.

We take care of any planning permissions and building regulations you may need and will organise our architect to discuss ideas with you for larger-scale projects.

Contact us today on 0151 427 1325 or 07807 557723 to discuss your ideas, and we will organise a free survey.Β 

All of our surveyors and team members are taking strict social distancing measures, using hand sanitiser and masks to keep our clients safe and our staff.