Open Plan Living Spaces – Your Options

Open Plan Living Design

In recent years, Premier Builder Solutions, Liverpool builders, have seen a big increase in enquiries from customers asking for open plan living spaces.

Here, we take a look at some design options to think about if you are considering an open-plan kitchen/diner…and just before you’re tempted to get the sledgehammer out and start pulling down any walls, do please call a professional. Premier Building Solutions take care of all internal remodelling and will ensure that any structural work, for instance, strengthing walls with load-bearing lintels, is professionally taken care of.

Half Wall Structures

This type of structure generally works well for properties that have one or more large open rooms that function as a number of rooms within a single living space.  The most typical design is a large room that combines either the kitchen, dining room, and lounge into one shared space, or that combines the dining area, lounge and snug or playroom.   Half walls work nicely in smaller homes, with smaller living spaces. Removing half a wall inside will increase views and allows more daylight to flood throughout the house.  Half walls are great for adding additional storage space too.

Here are some examples where half walls have really helped create an open plan feel, but still maintaining separate living spaces.

Half wall separates kitchen/diner area from lounge area.

Half wall design in open plan living, Liverpool

Half wall separates dining area from lounge area.

half wall design idea

Half wall separates kitchen/diner area from lounge area.

Complete Open Plan Living

One large area with no walls between the different areas, so your kitchen, dining room and lounge all share one large space.  Open plan living spaces certainly have a wow factor and provide fantastic versatility that suits today’s informal lifestyles. They provide you with a sociable space for cooking, chatting, helping kids with homework and entertaining friends and family.

You can still distinguish the separate spaces by having separate types of flooring, for instance,  tiled flooring in the kitchen area, timber flooring for dining and living area with rugs. If however, you preferred to unite the whole open plan living space with the same type of flooring you could still give each space its own identity by painting the walls in different colours, using different wallpaper designs or soft furnishing patterns.  Open plan living spaces provide huge flexibility in terms of the layout of furniture, positioning of your kitchen, lighting and you can certainly adapt it to your family’s needs quite easily.

Open Plan Living Space, Liverpool

Extension Liverpool used for Open PLan Design

Reconfigure your space

A complete open plan living space may not be the right move for you and your family however, and you may wish to have your downstairs space simply reconfigured.  For instance, if you prefer to have a utility room housing your washing machine, tumble dryer, laundry and storage cupboards, or if you prefer to have a closed kitchen but keep your lounge, and dining areas open plan or you may want a games room for the children so you can keep toys confined to their room!

Premier Building Solutions can help take care of the simplest refurbishment jobs to major structural changes.  If you are looking to relocate your kitchen, this can have some major advantages. By replacing, extending or relocating your kitchen – perhaps to a different room with more natural light – will create a better-designed, thought out space for you and your family.

Kitchen/Diner Extensions

If you are able to, then adding a rear extension is often the ideal scenario for creating a truly spacious family area which combines your kitchen, diner and living area. Single storey extensions also incorporate additional windows to allow more light to flood in such as lantern roof design, or bi-fold doors leading on to your garden.

Here are some examples where we have built extensions and designed existing internal walls to incorporate open plan kitchen/diners.

A recent open plan kitchen/diner extension in Liverpool. The new space is modern, light, bright and spacious!

Kitchen-Diner Extension Liverpool


Premier Building Solutions, Liverpool builders, has the expertise to renovate your home to the best possible standard and offers ideas for every budget. Read more about extensions here.

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