With more than thirty years combined experience, Premier Building Solutions is trusted in Liverpool. Read customer testimonials about our services below.

“We are so happy with the work Premier carried out. The single storey extension has transformed the property and I now love my home even more! I didn’t realise how much more space this would give me.

“Premier understood my ideas perfectly and kept in touch throughout the whole building process. I am so pleased with the finished result and would recommend Premier to anybody.” – Mrs C, Liverpool, L19

  1. “Before the renovation, our kitchen and morning rooms were a little unloved! The exterior of the home was suffering from age and weather damage too.

“The work Premier has done has changed the way I live for the better! It looks like a completely new home thanks to the single storey extension, modern kitchen and new render. Premier did a wonderful, professional job – on time and on budget! I have been recommending them to all my family and friends.” – Mrs M, Liverpool, L18

  1. “This is the best thing we could have done for our house and we should have done it sooner. We receive so many compliments on our new home. Nothing was sub-contracted so we got to know and trust all the workmen. The whole team did a great job and the extra care and time taken was really impressive.

“We had the property revalued after the work was complete and I was amazed at the new figure – thank you Premier for transforming our home.” – Mr & Mrs E, Liverpool, L25

“I was really concerned at first because you hear horror stories of builders, but we moved out because with the work we were having done it was recommended,” says Clair.

“Most days we popped in and the builder was very good at communicating what he was doing, and you could speak to the men he had working with him on a daily basis.”

“It’s opened up the house and it opens up the way you do things as well,” says Clair. “The kitchen tends to be quite a meeting place; when anybody comes they automatically sit and have a chat in the kitchen first and then they come into the living room. It just changes the way you live.” – Mrs K, Liverpool, L18